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The Seven Deadly Sins- an original poem by Juliet Inforzato

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

There once was a boy whose heart beat on the thought of a girl's touch. Whose mind only wondered of the intriguing whispers told to him. Whose eyes only saw the curve of bodies.

A boy who was ignited with Lust.

Those above him became aware of this man. He soon passed, but was not drifted to meet the man who viewed him as a sin, but fell to the man who created him.


There once was a girl who ate everything she saw. There was something inside her; it wouldn't allow her to pause.

A girl who was called Glutton.

The doctors diagnosed her with Compulsive Eating, but the man she prayed to each day diagnosed her existence as a sin. She took others food in secret but instead of getting arrested for theft, she died mooching and stumbled to the man that fed her.


There was once was a boy who looking in the mirror a little too long. He was addicted to knocking others down in order to praise himself.

A boy with too much Pride.

The doctors said it was narcissism. Those who the clouds play host to saw him as far too cocky. A sin in itself. He didn't live long enough to put his passion into anything other than himself; for he fell down the rabbit hole to a pit of despair he never thought he deserved to enter.


There was once was a girl who did a total of nothing each day. She dreaded going to school, hated dressing and showering. Her refusal to do anything more than the mandatory to live made her appear lazy.

A girl who lived with Sloth.

Due to her lack of energy, the doctor diagnosed her with depression. The one who put her here did not let her stay; no amount of anti- depressants saved her from her sins, for she was a sin herself. When she traveled dimensions, she turned left rather than right and ended up in the dungeon downstairs.


There once was a boy who hated everyone around him, their possessions haunted his nightmares. Snickering at the sight of their happiness, he prayed for a better life than they had. Wished on star after star for more money than them.

A boy green with Envy.

The boy lived off of jealousy towards others, and the spirit who haunts him from above saw this as an act of selfishness. He was never rewarded with what the others had, but tortured by what lay in his future. Returning to the basement of the Earth, he was more envious than ever. But now of the people who spent their time with the man who was harsh enough to put him here.


There once was a girl who was cruel to everyone. It seemed as if a scowl was engraved on her face. She was kind on rare occasions. A pleasant word rarely escaped her mouth.

A girl with uncontrollable Wrath.

Her parents named these acts unacceptable. The doctor diagnosed her with anger-management issues. The man who these very parents went to visit every Sunday had a house for their daughter. Not on the top of a hillside, but dug beneath. He called it the land of sinners.


There once was a man who locked up everything he owned. He never shared, yet always asked others to. He took a needle, string and all of his money; he made a cage of his fingers and kept it closed. No amount of love could cure his need for material possessions.

A man controlled by Greed.

Every breath followed the next on a blind he'd always have everything. He'd steal, cheat and lie to fulfill his avaricious dreams. This was not his sin, though. The man who controlled the wind blew away his money, and his life. According to the one above, money was not the root of all evil- he was.


There was a woman, one with with wrinkles, with rotting teeth and brittle bones. A woman so generous, she'd be America's Sweetheart if she was ever so blessed to be struck by talent. That sentence is incorrect or so it seems, for she did have talent- just not one that anyone could broadcast.

A woman who was Human.

As a child she was narcissistic and binge ate. As a pre-teen, she was always fatigued and jealous. As a teenager, she longed for love and was cruel to those who had it. As an adult, she was acquisitive. But as a senior, she began to see these not as flaws, not as sins, but as natural human nature. She came to the epiphany of how she was not a problem in a dream; a dream she wouldn't ever wake up from. A dream continued in paradise.

"As you can see, the seven deadly sins aren't sins at all, and once you realize that, you realize you are human too." - Your friend, conscious.

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